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Delivery is available throughout Scotland for the following charges:

Standard Range Wedding Cake

0-10 miles - Free Delivery

11-30 miles - £20

31-40 miles - £30

41-60 miles - £40

61-80 miles - £50

81-100 miles - £60

101 miles and above £75 plus £1 per mile for each mile over 100. 

Simplicity Range Wedding Cakes

£30 for delivery within 20 miles and £1 per mile thereafter. 

Birthday and Celebration Cakes

£5 for local delivery within Lanark only

Other deliveries charged at £1 per mile, minimum charge of £30

Delivery distance is the shortest one-way mileage from ML11 7AB to the venue 

A little information about our deliveries

Our deliveries are carried out on a date and time to suit the venue. We always contact the venue directly to arrange this. You can rest assured that your wedding cake will be delivered by professionals, in our specially kitted out Jappavan! We spare no expense in transportation equipment and always carry a repair kit and enough supplies to entirely redecorate your cake (we have never had to use this!). Tiered cakes are transported in separate tiers and stacked at the venue. Sugar flowers are always placed on the cake at the venue. We take every single precaution imaginable to ensure your cake reaches your venue in perfect condition.